French Baguette Recipe-Easy and Delicious!


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  1. My advice to everyone is not to tear open or cut into your bread while it is still cooking inside. You must wait for the bread to COOL at least SOME! The bread hasn't finished cooking fully or "set" it's internal structure. What's more, the flavor is still developing! You're just letting the flavor evaporate out of your bread if you cut it while crust is still warm! Don't spoil your hard work and ingredients, you've waited for all this proofing and then you can't wait just a short while for it to cool before eating it?

    Ideally, it should be a few hours so that the center has completely settled and holds it's true flavor! Just my advice.

  2. Oh Snap CoCo! You are an amazing baker! Thank you so much for making this video as I requested. I have made your other recipes several times and are my family's favorites! You are very much appreciated for sharing your talent and making such wonderful and easy instructional videos! God bless you!

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