French Baguette Bread Recipe : Baking Baguette Bread in Oven


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  1. Thanks for the comments, you guys are the experts here. I am new to baking Baguette's and I made my first sour dough with roasted garlic, and topped with diced onion today. They are still in the oven with a tray of water. I will remove the water in the next 5 minutes and reduce the heat for the remainder of the baking. I started at 450. I'm getting all my info from the internet, and I am sure glad there are guys like NoirMusic, and adgdata to keep these so-called Experts in line.

  2. I agree w/ all you. This unorganized ,i.e. no sequential order like "part 1, 2,3 so forth", the guy is garrulous and says a lot of extraneous, impertinent things, and he gets on my nerves.

  3. This is the worst baking video ever! this guy is a hack please do not follow this and waste your time. the comment at 45sec is what shows this guys total lack of knowledge. as well as other posters comments, no baking stone, and the dough looks terrible! do not waste your time! musiclover maybe you should stick with an easy bake oven! DO NOT USE THIS

  4. I'm going to try making this French bread tomorrow, but I wantd to know why you didn't score the baguettes before putting them into the oven.


  5. You are wrong. I am an experienced baker and cook, and this is the best recipe out there for French baguettes. I just visited Paris, France and I was all throughout France, and this IS the best recipe on the internet.

    Please pm me if you want the recipe in order, as I have it bookmarked.

  6. Beru: Do you have a link to a better French Baguette recipe that people in America can make? We don't have grey flour here or 88 flour.

    Trust me, in America this is the best, least complicated recipe. I tried Danielle Forestier's recipe and I can not slap the dough 500 times like she says. That is not for me.

    Trust me this is the best recipe out there. I would LOVE to get 88 flour sent to me so if you're willing to send me 88 flour please do!

  7. Expert Village. it's just the name of their wonderful enterprise. Doesn't mean they're actually experts. They showcase the ads on their site by cutting up the vids and that means more page views. Have amateur dimwits make the vids and that means they don't pay a dime for the content.

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