French Apple Tart Recipe Demonstration –


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  1. Hi, i've just started baking and done a few simple apple crumbles, (without the pie base) So it was simple. But i've gone through so many videos and online recipes that I'm so confused. There's so many types and it's left me wondering which one is really good, and what difference does it make, adding Raisins, Adding Vanilla extract, Rum, Whisky, nutmeg. , What MUST we add and what ingredients really make the difference?

    Which is best, apple crumble with the pie base or without? *Confused novice baker

  2. I'm on holiday here in New Zealand to visit my family. Their garden has some beautiful apple trees. I'm going to make this. I've made it in Thailand using imported apples but I'm sure this will be far superior. Thanks for the recipe and video.

  3. I've been looking at this for some time now. Just made it for my family last night. It turned out so well! It was easier than I thought, although it was more time-consuming than I had anticipated. Either way, the recipe is a keeper! Everyone enjoyed it, and the eye appeal was great! Thank you for your videos. They are not at all boring! I enjoy seeing your enthusiasm over your kitchen successes! I often share your videos with others who would benefit from them. So glad I stumbled across your page.

  4. I love all of your videos that I have watched. These are just like cooking with a friend. I like your relaxed approach to making great (and gorgeous!) food. I plan to try making this one for a nice autumn dessert.

  5. I made this recipe last night after watching your fabulous video. Only difference I made was using an egg-white wash to seal the pastry after the blind bake. The cookie pastry was brittle but holds up beautifully on the finished product. The tart was beautiful, especially after browning the apple slices as you demonstrate. Thank you!

  6. Stephanie – Your demonstrations are so easy to follow. You speak clearly and slowly and your personality is pleasant and never overshadows the actual recipes you are demonstrating. Lastly, the recipes work and taste delicious. Thank you for posting these tutorials.

  7. Stephanie, I love your stand up mixer. I haven't seen one similar to it. May I ask the name brand of the mixer? I watch you every evening and watch you make so many delicious things. I've made the Graham cracker crust Fresh Key Lime PIe. Everyone that tasted it, said it was the best Key lime pie they'd ever tasted. I told them to look you up on youtube. You are a wonderful teacher. You should either make a video, or write a book on where it all began with you? I would love to know when you began cooking/baking, and who taught you. You have an excellent following on youtube, and I am sure there are others who are interested in when you discovered your love of baking. Thanks for all that you do for us!

  8. Thank YOU! for a fabulous recipe! I made 2 tarts and my guests were so so happy! The pastry is perfection, although in my oven I have cook at a lower temp. I added a little nutmeg powder, cinnamon and the zest of two lemons that were finely chopped into the apple sauce mix. So good! Making another tomorrow for our dinner guests! Bon appetit!

  9. I made this yesterday. It was my first time making a tart. My family loved it!! The crust was so light and cookie like!! I also used your homemade apple sauce recipe and it was so easy to make, tastes better than store bought ones and was almost enough to make two tarts. I'm making the tart again today for my friend but adding more cinnamon to the apples and the apple sauce. Great recipe.

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