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  1. I did that when I was going to college I would make up meals like that my last child, left home in 98 I had been accepted at Illinois state university. I had the the acceptance of my husband. It was fun.

  2. Hi Mary! Still catching up on your videos! I'm so glad you sent Laura @ Garden Answer a gift and she added the link to your videos. I'm really enjoying the ones I've watched so far. I always think to myself that I should cook ahead and freeze, but son't get around to it. With summer here, I'm going to do some "blackened" chicken with Emeril's Essence spice recipe to freeze so I can pull some out for salads. My daughter said that's what her husband uses and he's a fabulous cook, so is my daughter! I know not to do it inside so found a recipe to saute the chicken, then bake in the oven. I hope it turns out good! 🤞 I like your hair down, it's so pretty! You're so lucky to have such a talented niece to help you out in the kitchen. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Mary there are certain you tubers I really like and follow and look for their videos on a regular basis and you are definitely one of the top ones!!!! I enjoy ALL the things you make and remake!!!! I especially like the signs especially those of faith!!! I enjoy everything you do and believe me I have spread the word!!!! I wanted to ask a favor ! I’m having trouble getting a message back from your Etsy shop regarding signs! Could you tell me what’s the best way to communicate with you! Also was wondering if you do special request ( with signs) I’m on disability and I’m not the kind to sit around plus I’m too young to do that!! But unfortunately at this point in my life I’m trying to concentrate on my health and trying to use this time to adventure into other activities rather than sitting in front of the TV!! What’s funny the TV might be on but I’m watching you on my phone!! Please tell the best way to communicate with you! My email is I’m from Memphis Tn. I’m a LCSW a Licensed Cljnical Social Worker and have bee. A therapist for the past 26 years of my life! I use my counseling others as my ministry and would love to decorate my office with some of your sayings and / or labels!!! Thanks for being such a Godly woman and that inspires me and others!! Hope to hear from you soon!! Linda Williams

  4. I like your video's but it always make me feel such a lousy mom and women, it seems there is nothing you can't do…., even your young niece seems to be great, maybe something is wrong with the way we have been raised. I should send my daughter to be trained by you . I love your trash to treasure videos the most. Thanks for great ideas.

  5. Hi Mary Thank you so much for these homemade recipes! You are such a blessing! You are such an inspiration and I love your personality! Someday maybe ill make it out to one of your events. Please let us know when and where you'll be showing your treasures! Loved seeing you with your hair down! Your so beautiful inside and out. Love seeing your niece as well.:) " Hope your have a great day".. God Bless 🙂

  6. I discovered turkey Italian sausage at our supermarket and it is absolutely fantastic along with chicken in our soup. They sometimes have chicken Italian sausage also. I’ll use either. Delicious!!!

  7. Just tried the Breakfast Stacks (reduced for the two of us) and ate immediately for a "trial taste". Oh my gosh, so yummy! Thanks Mary. Linked your video and sent to three family members.

  8. Hi Mary love your name , that was my grandmother's name too. and I love how you enjoy being with your niece I always loved my Aunt as well…she's now, 70 and I'm 56 so the love never fades 🤗

  9. Just wanted to tell you I’m praying for you and your family. May the Lord spread a hedge of protection around you and your family during this time! Love in Christ!!!

  10. It really is a very healthy eating plan that has worked very well for me, I hope you all achieve your goal and for those who want to know what my eating plan was for an entire month, I can send you an email

  11. Thank you for these very timely recipes especially with so many people hurting financially right now and being at home due to the Coronavirus Pandemic! These recipes are much appreciated and they look delicious! I thoroughly enjoy watching all of your Youtube videos. You exude a very peaceful and calming demeanor and I come away from watching your videos feeling more peaceful and calm. You are a rare jewel and a blessing! Thank you!

  12. You are very organizer women! And very talented to! God bless you! I have alway wanted to do what you doing, and I just find you a week ago, and your are a amazing inspiration! Thanks you! Also, you do lats of things like I will do it too, and we have lots of thing in common, just been scare all this time, thank you for been an inspiration to me.

  13. Thx I make extra when I cook so we have leftovers the next day. Plus I send food to his Dad. I have made him freezer breakfast and left out eggs. Told him to add fresh eggs and toss in my bag of extras (cheese meat onion) guess I thought fresh scrambled . Funny too for myself at home I usually scramble doz eggs but leave in fridge for next few days. I could try freezing in portions..🤓👍

  14. Mary, I have 3 people in my house. I am a vegetarian, my son hardly eats anything green or super healthy, and my husband eats almost everything. I use similar containers, but we have 3 colors. And in my refrigerator are those same 3 colors of baskets that holds the containers. When I meal prep I use the designated color container, and put it in the designated color-coded basket … we know whose food is whose, and it is easy to see who needs more. There is never a question of if the food is meat or meat substitute, or if there are mushrooms in that portion. Everything is sorted as I portion the food. I try to cook at least 2 separate meals at once with 2-3 portions per person. Then I don’t have to cook everyday. Win-win.

  15. Mary, you are girl after my own heart when my kids were at home I would meal plan. I was cooking for 2 taste buds vegetarian & people who were not. Its was crazy but I enjoyed it. On Thurs or Fri I would go shopping on Sunday I would make some of the meals for the week. Your niece really has skills in the kitchen. The way she handles that knife was impressive. P.S. I ordered one of your tee shirts just waiting for it to come in. I'm excited can't wait for it to get here.

  16. Love your channel and your style….Been searching for your shiplap wall video in your living room with plywood pieces …Could you post link if you made a video of that project…Would love to see how you accomplished it….Thanks….Again love your channel……

  17. I dont have any family, but i would like to do that for myself. Im disabled and Im on chemo so there are days when im just not up to doing much. So if i could have somethings in my freezer that would help. Also want to make smoothies and freeze them. Thank you Mary for sharing. God Bless

  18. Mary TFS. I’ve gotten away from cooking ahead because it’s just me. But I feel that I would like to eat healthier so I appreciate the push. Blessings to you and your wonderful family

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