Fray Bentos Steak and Kidney Pie Taste Test @Pie Recipes


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  1. Why has these pies become disgusting they are filled with gravy and now very little meat, the product was really good but now they are disappointed and disgusting and a let down 😡😡😡😡😡

  2. Only found your site by chance when looking for these PIES 😂
    When you are in a hurry and don't want to be waiting long for a PIE they are fine, obviously not as good as home made but for the cost and convenience there good, love the crunchy stodgy pastry, heartburn here I come 😂

  3. When I was a lad, and through into middle-age I just loved Fray Bentos pies and especially their Steak & Kidney puddling. In the past few years though they cut down the amount of meat until the filling is nearly all gravy and put them in those cardboard containers and they are now just awful, I'll never touch them again. Very sad.

  4. I used to love those when I lived in England with peas and chips.I can't find them in Canada but Smedleys had one on the market some years ago and they too were very nice but in a slightly larger tin.

  5. We had one the other day… opened the tin & could smell the urine odour that indicated that the kidneys had not been washed properly before cooking. Put it in the oven til done, then took it out & ate it. Disgusting piss flavoured kidney. Awful pie. Yuck. 💩

  6. I just got the impression you were condescending the whole way through. You put the 'pie' down pretty much the whole video- until you tasted it. These things cost a quid- they're not going to be amazing. And all in the last 20 seconds, you were "Actually, it's crunchy and tastes pretty good" – you'd be a better appraiser with an open mind.

    (I'm not a Fray Bentos fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, but this was the first of your videos I watched, and it will be the last)

  7. Fray Bentos Steak Pie: The most disgusting thing we have ever tried to eat. Where is the steak and so-called puff pastry is a soggy uneatable mess. Thick glue like gravy that sticks to the plate. It should be banned. A rip off. Sell with "BUYER BEWARE" label.

  8. Here's a tip. Take a sharp knife and cut round the top out of the pie (before cooking it). It will lift off the filling like a slab. Sprinkle some salt on to the filling. Frey Bentos doesn't use salt…. and even the filling out with a fork. The meat all tends to be one side…
    Replace the doughy slab and cut a cross into the top in the middle. Stick it in the oven and wait… turns out a treat.

  9. It is a pie! Anyway, anytime I've had these, it must have been the end of a production run on a Friday afternoon, as they have always been disappointing. There never seems to be any meat in the ones I get, and soggy flakey pastry never goes down well.
    You also mentioned about Corned Beef tins, I learnt my lesson with them along time ago, after a few cuts. I throw away the keys when I get them home, and use a tin opener when I come to use it.

  10. Thanks Keef…got a few grins out of it…and admit it, for a canned "pie" it's pretty darned good. But I do share with you a deep conviction that a pie is not a pie if it has no pastry all around. Otherwise, it's just a bit of pastry topped stew. I prefer a good old fashioned boiled pastry, hand-pulled dolly shell made with lard, to be honest. It has the proper texture for an proper pie.

  11. Just bought a Fray Bentos S&K pie, but had to find a muscly friend to open it. Pastry cooked like a dream and looked really inviting on top. Underneath, soggy, doughy, raw pastry, covering a very small amount of something like chopped meat(?) and possibly kidney. Cooked strictly to instructions and still disgusting!! Glad I'm not in the army !!

  12. You`re being such a negative bellend in this video. I love these pies, what do you expect for just over £2.? Make one that tastes as good without spending £10 at least on it.!

  13. Expat of 4 years- you think-Fray Bentos "pies" might be a good thing to take with you to Central Asia. Then you realise that Fray Bentos products have not evolved favourably to the consumer since the 1970's.. There is one layer of crispy puff pastry and the rest is soggy and glutenous. It has virtually no solid chunks of meat (why should that be, Fray Bentos, in 2019, when it was possible to tin meat in 1881?!) It has a decent gravy. So…As an UK expat of 4 years in Central Asia, i'd say…Don't bother.Wait for a proper Shortcrust Pie at home. If anyone knows of a retailer of really decent tinnned pies/puddings I mean really decent…let me know.

  14. i used to love them … but that soggy bottom on the pastry is just not nice and the filling has shrunk to insignificance ! … but fair is fair , they are very cheep ! especialy the chicken ones

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