France’s Recipe for Endless Islamic Terror (David Wood)


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  1. My mother told me people worship different people or things at different stages of their lives. As a toddler, we worship our parents. When we go to kindergarten, we worship our teachers. As life goes on, we eventually get to the teenage years when we become very insecure, not sure which group to hang out with, what school to go to, what major to study, etc. At this point, many people turn to God. In David Wood's case, he turned to Jesus. For the Muslims, they turn to Islam since that was what they were taught. We should educate the young Muslims about other religion options so that when they reach this point in their lives, they have other choices.

  2. I'm glad I found David on YouTube, I'm also sharing the video's. It would be useful if our churches take the effort to educate us about this issue, so that it would reach as many people as possible & create an awareness.

  3. Seems like I remember the 9/11 Jihadists spent some of their last hours, drinking and whoring in Las Vegas, before they climbed into the planes and ended up in hell…imagine the shock when reality dawned on them, and they knew they had been horribly deceived and damned by Islam

  4. Hello David !
    Mark. A Gabriel could not answer the following. So I ask you ! 
    In the German version of Mark A. Gabriels  book "Jesus und Mohammed" there is written on page 54, that "zu dieser Zeit" (at this time) Muhammad was only thaught from the Matthewgospel and that there are several sources which confirm this.

    I need to know which are these sources (Hadiths ?) which claim this ?Possibly this teaching had to do with the Christian Slave Djabir !

  5. Few if any of us wish ill upon Muslims. We know they have a bad holy book and their scriptures are even worse. We hope they will see conquest, plunder, sex slaves, etc etc are a bad attitudes​.

  6. Islam is easily understood once you know Muhammad was an actual real life desert gangster. Worse, he was petulant thin skinned desert gangster. There are few things on this great blue green planet more bothersome than a petulant thin skinned desert gangster. The “Perfect Man”. Islam.  

    Ref search youtube Islam 201

  7. God Bless this channel super informatively. My Muslim friend who prays and fasts so much literally won't even watch one of Acts17Apologetics videos. He just points me to a Quran verse saying " I will not believe what you believe" thats it. And the bad in his book It's all done in self Defence. I hate to see somebody with such commitment to their god not find their name in the book of life but he's already denied the father and the holy spirit. can't save them all im trying so hard to save my own self.

  8. Back in the middle ages they made a very serious push to conquer France, but, unlike Spain, they never gained a serious foothold and suffered mostly humiliating defeats. Now they are back to finish the job.

  9. Our terrorism double standard: After Paris, let’s stop blaming Muslims and take a hard look at ourselves
    We must mourn all victims. But until we look honestly at the violence we export, nothing will ever change

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