Food Wishes Recipes – Tomato Sauce Recipe – How to Make Tomato Sauce


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  1. I just made this sauce. Delicious!! I'm not Italian but I love cooking Italian food! A couple of months ago I caned 2 cases of puma tomatoes and made the sauce with those. The sauce I made in past years was good but had to many ingredients. This sauce is Perfect!! I will be making it from now on. Thanks Cheif!!!

  2. He wasn’t kidding about the wooden spoon I used my white plate scraper because I didn’t have a wooden spoon and it got stained and it got cracked. The curse is real.

  3. Made this sauce today with Cento San Marzano tomatoes. I jacked up the red pepper flakes in mine & added a little Cayenne. I like it to have some subtle heat. I found the flavor a little bitter so I added just a touch more sugar. Let it simmer a couple hours. Turned out fantastic.

  4. I've been looking for a spaghetti sauce recipe and I'm confused. I've seen a hundred different sauces and none spaghetti. Is tomato sauce the same as spaghetti sauce?

  5. Yeah but the pot is metal …. One imagines that the tomatoes being acidic would react with a metal spoon? Beside, I happen to use a glass pot, not that I see it makes much difference but glass holds heat well for simmering, eh?

  6. Add the carrot. It makes a difference. That way you don't have to add the sugar. Everybody in Italy knows that except right in peak season you use canned tomatoes, your own or San Marzano from Campania. Chef John is right.

  7. I just heat through. I’ve heard that cooking for extended periods of time changes the character of the tomatoes and therefore the flavour. Schools of thought differ but if there’s some evidence to support longer cooks, I’m all ears!!

  8. Love your channel, chef, but I don't like your tomato sauce ideas. There's way too many ingredients. Skip the celery first of all…celery–what? Also, this whole San Marzano tomato thing is nonsense. Any canned, whole plum tomatoes will do just fine. Just avoid the pureed stuff, and avoid anything preseasoned. I would not buy any canned tomato that had basil already in it. Basil is just too pungent for a basic tomato sauce. Makes the flavor rank in my opinion. It's fine to put a little in at the last minute, when it's just about done cooking though, but I never do myself. Also, I prefer the sauce much thinner than that.

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