Food Wishes Recipes – Smothered Pork Chops Recipe – Southern Style Smothered Pork Chops


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  1. This was a good video. In your other vids you try to be funny and it's just annoying. I quit watching you for a while because of that. Sorry. But leave the comedy to the comedians, stick to what you're good at, and that seems to be cooking. I'm making these pork chops tomorrow for 20 people, thought I'd see what ye ol' Chefa Chefa had to say. Thank you, John ♡

  2. nice homestyle recipe…but butter is unnecessary in this dish. Instead, discard all but 1 Tbsp of the oil.
    I think adding water dilutes the flavor…so I just added more stock.
    I cut the onions in squares, so they don't end up looking like worms.
    Didn't like the poultry seasoning on this, but made it again with "old bay" seasoning and it was much better.

  3. Finally. I've been searching all evening for a recipe for chops with properly made gravy and not cream of mushroom soup. Can't wait to make this tomorrow night for Sunday dinner.

  4. That was super, super rich in savory flavor; although our b/i chops were thick and only browned them a little bit it came out well-done. What could you recommend? We use an electric stove as well. =/

  5. Just finished eating this. OMG the flavor of the sauce is amazing. I added some majoram to the sauce and cumin adn cayenne 🙂 to the meat before frying. My family said it was the best pork chop they ever had. thanks chef John you rock!

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