Food Wishes Recipes – Chicken French Recipe – How to Make Chicken French


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  1. Hi Chef, I'll start by playing up to your eigo (not that you really have one).  I no longer bother watching other chefs on Youtube… your blog is all I need.  The others bore me and they are usually far less insightful.I have a dinner party Sat. afternoon.  I've got Chicken on the menu, I've got seafood, I'm looking for beef and I'm wondering if you think this recipe could work with a beef tenderloin cut thinly.  beef with broccoli and carrots.  If so, any suggestions on the seasoning adjustments i.e. herbs etc.  or cooking tequniques.  If you recommend against trying this with beef, then let me know before it's too late!  Perhaps you could take a challenge and make this mission impossible style video on your blog… you have 30 seconds before this message self destructs.Finally I'd like to thank you for all your cooking advice on your blog.  I learn something every time I watch.  You're a great teacher, and I know because I'm one too. If you're ever in Japan then please make a detour to the southern island of Shikoku.  I'll be happy to put you up….Nathaneal.

  2. I'm having 5 people over for dinner.  Can I cook the chicken a few hours ahead, and then make the sauce after the first course of the dinner, and then add the chicken to the sauce right before serving?  Great recipe, by the way!

  3. New subscriber here.  This is the first recipe I tried like this where I made my own sauce.  I didn't have any white wine or vegetable stock.  And I used Chicken thighs instead.  I deboned the thighs, and used the bones to make my own chicken stock, which I used to make the sauce at the end.  Turned out fabulous!  Keep making these awesome videos, Chef John.

  4. for Giggidygiggidy12, who does not understand the concept of linguistics, apparently:

    "Just what is piccata?
    Adding to the confusion about its origin is its definition. The translation of the word piccata from Italian to English is complex, because it is a derivative of several words, each having more than one meaning.

    It is easier to define in culinary terms. In "The Dictionary of Italian Wine and Food" and "The Food Lover's Companion," piccata is defined as a thin escalope of veal. Lemon juice is not even mentioned. However, when the words veal or chicken are added in front of piccata, it becomes a classic Italian (or is it Italian American?) dish with lemon, broth and/or wine and butter. Capers, chopped Italian parsley, shallots and garlic are common additions."  – from the SF Gate

  5. hello, chef john! my friend and i watched this video a few weeks ago and thought it sounded pretty tasty. we made it tonight for dinner and it was fantastic, I even reheated it for a late night snack because I couldn't stop thinking about it! thank you so much! We tweeted you, aswell! thank you for forever changing my meal plans, people that come to my parties will enjoy it! thank you so much, chef john, you never fail to please me! I love you and your recipes!
    Jenna and Jess.

  6. I'll have someone over for dinner on monday evening and this is exactly what I need 🙂
    I'm gonna cook this with the Cream Cheesy Cubed Zucchini as a side dish. Is it a good idea to drink the same Wine along with the meal that I'll use in the dish?
    Thanks for this recipe Chef John 🙂

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