Food Storage – Canning Cheesy Ham & Potato Soup Recipe


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  1. Hi. Enjoying this video and may subscribe. I see you are putting milk and flour in this soup but I am under  the impression that neither should be canned. I thought I read it on the National Center for Home Food Preservation website and other peoples blogs. Doesn't the flour in with the milk prevent proper, thorough cooking of the soup?

  2. It looks like you have the mirro 22 Quart canner, I bought this 2 days ago, and have been canning, but I do n
    I see the thing wiggling, I wonder by having the exhaust on my stove going it is a problem?

  3. I always use skin on spuds, too. Most of the nutrients, especially the Potassium, is stored in the skins. By the way, I absolutely LOVE your tutorials. You make everything seem doable and fun. I can clearly follow all of your instructions, Janie, and many times when my disease raises its ugly head I marathon watch your tutorials… somehow you make me feel a little better. God is using you in ways that you are completely unaware of.

  4. I love your videos. It always makes me hungry. If I could I would just reach through the screen and brag the whole pot. By the way I love your birds talking. They are probably cheering you on to make some more yummy food.

  5. I have the same Ham and Chicken seasoning, I bought mine at Rurl King, love that stuff. I am really interested on how to make and can all kinds of cream soup, the kind you get at the store has way to much salt in it.

  6. I am looking for a canning recipe for Split Pea soup and navy bean soup. These are foods that we eat regularly and would love to put up a batch or two for the times when my Fibromyalgia acts up and my wife can just fend for herself.

  7. i am planning on making this today, but have 2 questions: can i use cheese such as cheddar? if i am using therm flo, can i make it thicker? almost like a cream of potato and cheddar soup before canning? i know you aren't suppose to make it that thick with flour and starch, but how about therm flo? thanks so much!

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