Five Spice FRIED CHICKEN Recipe


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  1. Huge fan of your channel but love the cooking recipes and videos you post. Keep the cooking content coming. thank you for sharing. I am going to try some of these myself.

  2. I wonder if you add some brown sugar to it and just oven cook it would it come out with a nice glaze? Wish you did 1/2 fried 1/2 oven baked but looks really good

  3. Just a tip:
    In order, put the ingredients into the bag
    -dry spices
    -wet spices (ginger, garlic, green onion)
    then add chicken

    dont have to but it's a little faster

  4. Hey Casey, instead of keeping the flour and marinated chicken separate until just before cooking, try adding the flour in with the marinade. The longer you leave them together in the fridge, the crunchier it will be because some of the flour gets absorbed into the chicken so it will have a crunchier texture when you fry it. You also won't need to use an egg wash to help the flour stick to the chicken because the flour will already be absorbed into the chicken if you marinate them together (overnight if possible). That's how my aunt does it and she makes the crunchiest juiciest fried chicken I've ever tasted, her recipe is chili powder, garlic powder, soy sauce, flour and chicken, all mixed together in a bag and left at least overnight in the fridge before frying on low heat, drained and then refried on a higher heat until crispy.

  5. great job on the frying! deep-frying fried chicken is actually not that easy, especially when you're dealing with big pieces like that. the oil temperature drops significantly whenever you put a new batch of chicken in. if you cook the chicken at too low a temperature, it turns soggy, too high and it burns with the insides still being raw.

  6. Hey Casey, if you have mortar and pestle, you could try pounding the garlic and ginger up, squeezing the juices out in a bag to be added into your marinate. That way, you'll get a lot more of the ginger and garlic flavours into your chicken and it's really delicious 😋

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