Fit Men Cook Protein French Toast Recipe (Receta para Francés Brindis de Proteína)


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  1. thanks Kevin I was just about to tweet you on a something for breakfast without eggs or oatmeal ,wait I'll just look through your library to find something sure enough here we are with WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST bro ,BOOYAHH ,really appreciate the videos 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. was the syrup honey or?…..sorry Im starting to eat more healthy NOW and dont now anything about whats good and not so good…can anyone please help me? can I use honey instead of maple syrup

  3. I just made this amazing meal but I have a question. They came out a bit dry any suggestions or is that how they are? Hope to hear from you and thank you for all this amazing meals!!!

  4. now check this out..when I will start a competition prep,I am going to hire cooking my meals,LMAO! I mean,I can pay as much as u want eating all these super tasty foods while prepping!!

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