Fit Fall Foods! Pumpkin French Toast, Zoodles & Fall Harvest Salad!


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  1. I love me some French toast (it's funny, in French, we just call it "pain perdu", lost bread, because it traditionally is made with old bread that got a bit hard and you can't eat like that, and to avoid wasting food, you made pain perdu ^^), but usually, I just go the traditional way I've always had as a child. I just started experimenting with adding cinnamon in my mix and eating the French toast with fruit (bananas and berries!).

    Loved all the recipes!

  2. Thank you for the vegan recipes! Also I made a vegan version of the Pumpkin french toast and it was awesome! Replace the egg with Ener-G egg replacer or with 2 tbs flour+1 tbs nutritional yeast <3

  3. where can i buy stevia ,spiralizer,and coconut oil
    i love you cassey and i would also like my lifestyle to be like this so im slowy getting better ,we now grow our own peppers,chillis ,courgettes,herbs,apples,cherries and soon plums

  4. Lol I do believe that u always dress that way ahahha every single video that I've watched u ( when ur not wearing your workout clothes) u'd always have own something cute! I adore your wardrobe. I personally like dressing up too even if it's just for class. Brings confidence!

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