Financiers recipe and history ( beginner french baking class)


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  1. Hello! I love financiers! I became obsessed with them when I traveled many times to Japan. They sold then everywhere! Even at Tokyo Disney! Unfortunately I am on a low carb way of eating now but love trying to find low carb recipes of my favorite desserts. I use a lot of almond flour for baking, could I use almond flour for the entire recipe?

  2. Dear chef, I was wondering today how you like to typically prepare coffee for yourself, if you do drink it. French press? Anyway, this american was wondering how you like to make your daily coffee. It's such an art to do well, so was wondering what you do and how you clean your equipment. Some cafe person once said they clean their (commercial) espresso machine with baking soda solution every day to prevent acid taste. I think she said baking soda, but I don't remember.

  3. I made them and they turned out perfect! My husband preferred the almond slivers. I did too but, I also kinda liked the chocolate. The pear wasn't bad, but one thing he pointed out was how the ones with fruit (did pear and frozen black cherries 'cause it was November) did end up competing with the subtle flavor of the browned butter/ almond flour. Overall a simple, quick European style dessert that I will definitely be making again.

  4. Nice recipe! The singing of the butter is actually the sound of all the water content evaporating so that you are left with fat and solids. That's why it gets foamy and bubbly. Trying raw batter might give you salmonella infection of the eggs have salmonella contamination, so be careful with that.

  5. Ohhhh, Stephane!!! These are so delicious! I took them out of the oven at midnight and 30 minutes later I ate 5. I couldn't stop at just one. This video was especially fun to watch, and the recipe was easy to follow. I put slivered almonds on them. I need to let a pear ripen for the next batch. I always enjoy your enthusiasm and I appreciate your attention to detail. Your videos are superb. Thanks so much! I'll be making these as part of my Christmas cookie repertoire in December. I'm very grateful to you!

  6. Quick question: about how much should the egg whites weigh for this recipe? I have leftover from a bunch of egg whites in a container and want to use them up. TIA

  7. Thanks for the music at the end a nice touch so now I want to say you have reached the epitome of a French cooking channel today. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are now ready for Primetime TV…. no kidding, really I mean it. Best wishes for a continued success and wonderful new future in teaching cooking to the masses. do not change anything, and I do believe you could be a guest teacher at a cooking school.

  8. Really very good recepie i was eagerly waiting for this recepie plz introduce lots of French recepies so everyone can make it is very helpful to us thanks a lot for sharing

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