Fillet Steak with Gremolata | Gordon Ramsay


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  1. I used beef stock instead of chicken stock because it was all I had, and when I poured it into the pan it all cooked away instantly in a ball of smoke, does this normally happen or only with beef stock?

  2. naaa this obsession with olive oil is dreadful. Olive oil has a low flashpoint and olive oil goes bitter when very hot. Use rapseed, walnut, any nut oil, sunflower, they don't go bitter and have a higher flashpoint. Also, if you're not going to use the lower heat principle but this "very hot pan" thing to sear quickly, then don't put salt or pepper on. The salt draws out the good juice to some extent and the pepper is just simply gets badly burnt. Pepper just can't take that heat. Salt and pepper and steak seasoning after cooking or in with the basting.

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