Fillet of beef in pastry – recipe


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  1. If the cooking process won't continue in the oven, why would you need to let the meat cool down after you've taken it out of the refrigerator? The whole point of letting the meat lay in room temperature after it's been in the fridge is because you want it to cook evenly. So the resting part is kinda counter productive.

  2. Sonia, there is one thing I don't get: if you speak Italian as a native (ig, without an accent), how come the English voice over bear an Italian accent?

    PS: I tried this recipe last night and I had problems with the baking. Can I use industrialized frozen dough as I did or does it have to be freshly made dough?

  3. A triumph, done well. I tried this recipe and it was a mouth watering experience.. Meat cooked to perfection and the taste, brillant and favorful..To those who have posted that the meat was to raw, then simply make your overcook steak and enjoy but know this….Overcooked red meat takes seven years to totally digest….This was done to perfection.

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