Filipino Pork Adobo w/ Pineapple – Pai’s Kitchen | Filipino Recipe


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  1. About the pork fat many people are concerned about, NOT to worry. Pork fat is FAR SAFER than any meat fat and even ismore health-friendly than the "famous" kale as recent studies show. This may be hard to accept but this is what the studies claim.

    Oh, by the way Pai, I have had lots of 'Filipino Adobo' in my life (I am a Filipino-born Spaniard living in Europe for 43 years now), but I haven't had one like yours in this video before. I'm going to make one myself surely, this week-end and will tell you how it will come out.
    Ross Galán, Ph. D
    NLP Spiritual Life Coach

  2. pai, can you try making some filipino chicken curry. the ingredients will be coconut milk, chicken, curry mix powder( McCormick) bell pepper,long chilli, salt,potato,carrots.

  3. But i never seard the meat when i cook adobo.i put everything in pot and simmer until goes a little bit water and turns abit oily.and the pork is completely done. i see how you cook.must seard the pork and more look alike thanks pais fir sharing my filipino adobo.fantastic.

  4. Can you make a Pork adobo compare/contrast video? Pork butt adobo vs Pork belly adobo ? I have not seen a video that uses Pork Butt, however, online you can find recipes calling for pork butt.

  5. Chef Pai , you can add chili in your adobo if you want 😊 in my province in Bicol sometimes we cook Adobo in Coconut milk , same your version you can add potato (fry the potato first ) , you can put hardboiled eggs too (remove the sheels )
    And Thank You for trying and sharing Filipino Foods 😍

  6. Interesting twist… I was made aware of the coconut milk variation of adobo only four years ago (and loved it). The pineapple is def a new twist. Will try (hesitantly)… It is in season, after all.

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