Filipino Adobo Recipe : Filipino Pork Adobo with Baby Back Ribs 필리핀 음식 아도보 만들기


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  1. Wow! I am glad you cook our dish in the Philippines.You can cook adobo without soy sauce.its also delicious just white vinegar a lot of garlic and try put some mashed beef liver and the sauce become more tasty.

  2. i'm filipino and we don't use rice wine in our adobo…your version and how you cook it is far different from how we filipino do it…any way new style, new taste, i'm totally open for it…

  3. I'm Filipino and my husband's Italian and I requested for him to do this for me. We followed the recipe as it is and it is perfect!! Molto buono!! Super sarap!! Thanks, Seonkyoung Longest 🙂

  4. Wow! Im filipino but i dnt know how to cook adobo, and i have been searching on how to cook it (im in the US so i have to cook adobo for myself LOL). I think this is the best version i have seen so far.. Makes my mouth watery.. Two thumbs up!

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