Figs Wrapped in Prosciutto – Appetizer Recipe


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  1. i know right? love me some pig-meat 🙂 and thanks for the kind words re: my personality. i'm a freak, that's for sure! but you know what i say? let the freak flag fly high. cheers

  2. i actually have an AWESOME crackers recipe that i shot which i'll be airing soon. and i agree that baking without gluten can open up a whole-new-world of opportunities for creativity. stay tuned for that one…not sure when i'll get it edited, but hopefully soon! cheers!

  3. You should do some gluten free puff pastry or crackers! I dabble sometimes myself in gluten free baking just for fun even though I don't have celiacs or any other restrictions, and I have to say it's much more forgiving and sometimes tastier than working with wheat. You don't have to worry about overworking the gluten or overkneading the dough and you can reroll your dough multiple times without it getting tough. Super fun.

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