Favourite Vegetarian Burger Recipe!


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  1. I had a Boca vegan veggie burger with sweet potato fries also but I made the fries a little differently. I did season with olive oil and desired spices baking them as shown in the video but I just do one more thing to prep them so they're nice and crispy on the outside without burning. I let them soak in water to get the extra starch out of the sweet potatoes for 45 minutes and also gave them a toss in a plastic bag with corn starch and then I season with olive oil and salt/pepper. If I don't do that, my fries will stay soggy and won't be crispy unless they burn. For toppings on my burger I just used lettuce, spicy honey mustard and BBQ sauce and it was still delicious and vegan! I also would try this recipe so I can make them from scratch and they probably have more of a smokey dark flavor than the frozen Boca brands I buy at the grocery store. I'm also not entirely vegan because I still like some meats, I eat ice cream, cheese, eggs and like all seafood but some of these vegan recipes have a lot more flavor without using all the fats, salt and artificial flavor! ?

  2. They look absolutely delicious.I got a veggie burger the other day from a takeaway and although processed,I have to say,I enjoyed it more than a meat burger.

    Ela,sorry to be a pain,but can you bake these in the oven instead? What temperature and for how long would you recommend,if so?

  3. For sure trying this out! I'm only 13 but I don't support the meat industry so I've been vegetarian for about 2 days now. (Which doesn't seem like a lot, I know) and I love to cook so I can't wait to try out some veggie recipes! If anyone has some recipe suggestions of any sort I'd appreciate learning about them!

  4. This is one of the best channels on YouTube. You all need to stop complaining that she used an egg. The recipe title is "vegetarian burger"not "vegan burger." That's the problem with the YouTube vegan cult, instead of putting out a decent product you instead make videos criticizing other vegans and people who use olive oil. Lol. Go eat 30 bananas and stfu.

  5. I was a 'vegetarian' for many years, eating cheeses, mussels, occasional fish, eggs (from my own chickens) and I guess I just didn't have all of the information, because as soon as the real situation was well explained to me, so that I could imagine the gross exploitation, slavery and genocide of certain animals, domesticated and wild in terms in a personal way I 'went Vegan' and never looked back. Since I consider myself a human animal, and I also consider you a human animal, whether you like it or not, the destiny of animals and their treatment actually concerns me. ,An offense to one is an offense to al, something like that. I try to make the shocking-but-true argument for veganism to my children, but they don't seem to care, they 'love bacon', love cow's milk, cheese pizza, and it makes me think that vegans need to start studying vegan poly-cultural gardening/farming and locavore cooking and food preparing. Yes ve gan make food that tastes better, is healthier and doesn't depend on slavery and slaughter, we just have to get to work! Look up on ze internetz: Vegan Permaculture, it's a movement we should be participating in and supporting as Vegans, imao. I mean, vegetables and mushrooms aren't really vegan until they are grown without using the feces of stockyard animals, right? If mass-produced products are marketed as vegan but destroy primate habitat there is a problem….. Fungi are part of the solution: the fruit-flesh of our fabulous future… All the meatiness, none of the desperate bleating for mercy.

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