Fat Fiction


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  1. This has a grotesque bias in that they are addressing how to reverse diabetes of a sick population. I agree that the emphasis that was placed on avoiding fat and the substitution of sugar (and its equivalent in the form of simple carbs) in place of the satisfaction provided by fat and protein led to a disaster. But today, and in this video, we are dealing with a sick diabetic population. The question is how to reverse the disease and where then to find a stable culinary plateau. A population that learned to live on plants and only a few animal products is a healthy one and one that is satisfied with a diet of complex carbs. As a result, they avoid the epidemic of diabetes. Granted, such a diet is less satisfying than the sugar diet of today, but morphine too is also satisfying, and both operate on the same pleasure center of the brain. People who are raised on a complex carb diet have no craving for the rush provide by simple carbs and oils and sugar and salt. Once a person is back to normal they can eat a mix of simple and complex carbs with a bit of animal protein and fats just as our ancient ancestors did.

  2. As they say, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating, not in the making’. I hope you’ll pardon the irony in that, but I’m deep down it makes me so sad to think of the obesity and further health problems that are afflicting us. When I grew up, there was one obese child in my grade school class, and we all knew that it was because his uncle owned the local hamburger hut and T— used to eat ice cream every day after class. Now I rarely see kids who aren’t carrying extra pounds. What is the future? With excellent storytelling and research like this movie brings, maybe we’ll turn this ship around.

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