Fast Dinner Ideas From Your Kitchen Cabinet


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  1. if everyone thought like you dinner's would be alot easy to make… it is pretty frustrating thinking about what will you make for dinner every night its a pain!! but this is a real good vid, thanxs alot..looking forward in seeing more 🙂

  2. @MoreGrievances thanks. I looked manpans up. "Stick resistant" next gen, non-toxic, you can use a metal utensil without scratching. (So, my bad.) Good for making omelets. Still, doesn't seem like the best choice if you want to make a pan sauce, as fond doesn't develop so there's virtually nothing to deglaze.

    They come with lids so good for steaming. 🙂 Those hollow slotted handles must be fun to clean, if you spill anything on them. Maybe a bottle brush!

  3. I made this pretty much exactly last night. Used stainless steel not non-stick. Didn't steam, no need, already too watery. Cooked the water out. Added salt/pepper and a few spices, but result was still very bland. Served on rice. Added a tsp Korean black bean paste to the leftovers for flavor the next day, with luck.

    Agree, not a competition. But if this is aimed at beginners good idea to include adding flavor component I think. They won't think to do so otherwise and it will be bland.

  4. @ndktube – I'm glad you have your own inspirations and interpretations of the way you like your food cooked. That's what makes cooking great, there are endless possibilities depending on personal tastes.

    My goal is take cooking out of the living room as a competition TV show and return it to the kitchen. You sound more advanced than most, perhaps you should try my WebCookingClasses. I think you'd love it.

  5. Nice colors and textures, but no seasoning or spices? A little garlic isn't enough.

    Again with the steaming. Spinach is mostly water and so is diced tomato. Stick with dry heat and cook some of that water off! That ain't "pan sauce" at the end it's just extra water.

    How about drier and hotter, with more seasoning and spice, and served over rice.

    Metal spoon in non-stick pan at the end, poor pan.

    Sorry to be ragging on these recent vids. They just all seem watery and underseasoned.

  6. @RKenshinX the ingredients don't matter–didn't you hear the man? It's not a recipe, it's just steamed chow. Use whatever you like. Broccoli, green pepper, etc.

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