Fall Recipes: Apple Almond Butter Overnight Oats | Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Healthy Grocery Girl®


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  1. my almond butter already comes with chia seeds, flax seeds n' some other nuts. 😛
    found quoina milk so trying that instead, too. ;P. then finally, I only have apples n' oranges so that should make do. oh! and some dragon fruit as well.

  2. I have just watched another dietician's video in which she advised not to mix fruit with other ingredients of a meal because the fruit needs to get out of stomach quick and the carbohydrates stop it thus creating gas and bloating!! Which one is correct?

  3. I love this Video! But won't the apple turn brown over night? What about sprinkling it with some lemon to add some more vitamin C and prevent (maybe) brown apples?☺️

  4. Overnight oats are awesome!  I love blending the almond milk up with some overripe banana before adding it to make it super thick!  Love this recipe! 🙂 

  5. I love overnight oats! I will have to try out this combo.  When I make mine, i don't combine it and then portion it out, i just measure straight into my small containers.  I like to do 1/4c oats, 1/3 milk/liquid, 1/4 greek yogurt (protein!), 1t chia. 

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