Fail-Safe Stuffing with Pork & Sage | Jamie Oliver


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  1. Hi Jamie  – I can't see the recipe for this stuffing in the notes.  Where can I get it, so I can get all the ingredients and know what amounts of each I need.  Excited to try it – my first attempt at cooking turkey, stuffing and gravy.  All a la Jamie!!  Happy Christmas from Sydney!

  2. So I typically use a sage sausage and reverse the ration of bread to meat, then add the herbs and onion as well as about a whole bulb of roughly chopped garlic, then stuff the bird everywhere I can fit the stuff plus a large casserole to get crunchy.  I don't mind that the bird takes longer since we get turkeys with enormous breasts here in the states, which take for freaking ever.  I make sure to never use egg in my stuffing and I put in the carcass as hot as I can stand it so that the oven doesn't have to heat the stuffing before the bird starts to cook around the ribs.  As for nuts in my stuffing, that is a no go so that nut allergies aren't put off from eating the centerpiece of the meal…however, an assortment of nuts will go on top of thinly sliced yams then drizzled with a molasses, butter, brown sugar, maple syrup concoction then lightly dusted with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a wee bit of ground chilies and brown that all in the oven till the edges start to get crunchy….sorry got carried away, guess it is time to roast another turkey

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