Fabio’s Kitchen: Viking Appliances HQ Episode 1, “Chicken Piccata”


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  1. Love this recipe! I was expecting capers but love the tomato/artichoke combo idea. I’m gonna make this soon, right after I finish my Cacio e Pepe that I made from your recipe. Maybe have that pasta as a side? Hmmmm. Thanks again and so glad to have found your channel.

  2. dude you have the same growing pains as your last show….. Slow fade in the music so its not so jarring, and don't let the volume of the music at similar levels as Fabio…. its 'background music'…. also i think Fabio called him Nick… he needs a new Stedicam! i look forward to these. they seem like partial commercials, boo, but it was entertaining. good luck sir!

  3. Fantastic. Fabio, I'm starting a newsletter for Sicilian/Italian cooking. I'm going to post my own personal recipes as well as a few chefs I know. I would like to use your video's and recipes in the newsletter. Is that cool with you? Also would enjoy getting you on a podcast I will be starting to go along with the newsletter.

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