Escoffier style onion tart: The old fashion way of making pies and tart


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  1. My wife and I recently watched a documentary about Escoffier. We would love to learn more of his old recipes. To start we will make this tart 🙂 Thanks a lot! Do you think a bechamel mushroom tarte would taste well too?

  2. The cream which you added at the last looked nothing like the cream which comes in a carton. It looked very much like the Creme Fraiche which I make. Which is it: cream or Creme Fraiche?

  3. This recipe got me. My first attempt went wrong, the filling was too liqiuid. Probably because I did not slice the onions finely enough and because I did not drain the onions slices properly after boiling them in the water. Now, my second attempt is in the oven. I am still a bit sceptic. If it does not work out this time, I think about adding a bit of potato starch in my third attempt. I want to avoid adding egg to the filling. Simple ingredients, but quite a challenge. This time, i also sprinkled some grated parmesan cheese on top, just to give it a twist. Thank you for this recipe, Stéphane!

  4. You are a true master Chef and a treasure. Propaganda has destroyed good cooking, no butter and fat free crap that really kills you. They also profit 2x from people's stupidity, you pay for fat free poisons and you pay for fat reach products like good milk, cream and butter. Keep cooking and show how great things are done. Bravo!!!

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