Escargots Snails In Garlic Butter – How To Cook Snails | All Time French Classics


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  1. I am from Greece and we buy live snails from the market and prepare them at home. I can't imagine tinned snails are any good. We put the live snails in a tub of flour for 3 days and them we clean them and cook them. One way is in tomato sauce and the other is with olive oil and garlic and coarse salt. Very nice as a starter.

  2. I love snails! I have always been an adventurous eater, and first tried these in my teens. I order them often in restaurants, but never contemplated making them myself. Now I know I can! Thanks Stephane, for this great lesson. I have to say it was a bit comical – I smiled from start to finish!

  3. Well, I have to say that you are the first one i.e. person or restaurant that I have seen present the closest correct preparation and cooking of Escargot that I have seen since I have been back from Etampes France. The only thing I would say in difference to what you did is: the butter is well applied into the shell and than the snail is placed deep into the shell and lots of butter capping off the whole shell. One is to have the proper two pronged fork expressly for the eating of Escargot. When shopping at Carrefour there were bags of Escargot of varying quantity and size all packed with butter no voids found in them at all. All my family knew I love Escargot and so I got to see how all my family prepared and cook Escargot and I never refused any offer to eat them. Ah what good memories I have from those days, 12 years in all. out here, California and Las Vegas I have eaten at the finest restaurants and not one made Escargot correctly even though I was told le maitre d'restauarnt that the chef was from France and I still questioned his skills as to why he would differ from the traditional french recipe. I think I will as to my uploads a video on this subject too.

  4. I like this guy, but I would use a snail plate…much easier…and add some white wine to the compound butter.

    Also, his butter looks really strong on the parsley. I would go half as much.

  5. It's pretty basic, but it works for me 🙂 I love Escargot. I have trays for cooking, clamps, forks and shells… I g/f and I ate Escargot everywhere in Paris and cannot grow tired of them… Along with "Frog Legs a la Provencal". I prefer Frogs Legs in a Tomato Sauce compared to Fried… But Escargot… Yummy! I love them the way you do them, with a few added extras 🙂

  6. I love snails since I tried them as a child.

    Have you known that snails were extremely popular in Austria (where I come from) as well, during the 18th and 19th century?

    Due to the fact that Vienna is surrounded with wine growing areas, where snails live under best conditions and breed a lot, they were even called "Wiener Austern", which translates to "huîtres viennoises".

    They were an oyster-replacement for people, who couldn't afford real oysters.

    During the 20th century snails became a bit less popular in Austria.

    But nowadays it seems that some cooks have new culinary ideas concerning these delicious guys, like snail ragout, snails from the grill, … whatsoever.

    I like it! Best regards from Vienna!

  7. FCA, la influencia culinaria francesa es es una de las mejores a nivel internacional. Nomas no le digas esto a los farsantes británicos y americanos.

  8. I am from a non-French country where people eat water snails just like chicken or pork. It's never a bit gross to me. But trying Mcdonald's is, never had the courage to.

  9. Merci beaucoup. It's nice to eat them with a plate in front of you and pieces of baguette to mop up the sauce. A few glasses of dry white wine has proven useful in washing it past the old tonsils.

  10. Have wanted to try this but didnt want to go through the purging process. Buying the snails in Brine seems so much more simple. Thank you

  11. I live in SoCal and we have huge European garden snails. A French cook told me how to purge, cook and make the sauce you made. My 8-year-old son was fascinated. He told me he would eat one if I ate one first. Everything was great until I bit into the snail. A horrible chemical taste burnt my mouth. I spit out the snail and washed my mouth out for about 20 minutes then drank a glass of red wine. The problem? I had purged the snails in a plastic bucket and the snails had eaten the plastic. Be sure to purge your snails in glass or porcelain. Yes, I tried it again, and they came out delicious!. However, my son refused to join me. While in college, he went to France with his girlfriend and tried them there and said once was enough! P.S. it helps to have had a couple of glasses of good white wine before you eat the snails.

  12. Another fantastic and delicious recipe, so many great dishes on your channel. Having the best of times after work, going through them all. Many Merci's. Chef. Learn so much.

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