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  1. Hi Annie! I tried your soup recipe today and it tastes amazingly good ! 🙂 Your videos always put me on a good and motivates me when it comes to live an healthier life ! Thank you so much for that present <3 Lots of love

  2. Annie, what were you wearing at the end of this video, the robe or something? It looks so comfy, I want. Please share 🙂 Also, I love you videos. So inspiring and I love the positive energy it gives me.

  3. Really love your videos and you have great taste! 🙂 I'm also quite curious about how you manage to finance your inspiring lifestyle 🙂 Can you tell us more about that? Do you have a job outside of YouTube? Also, would love to see a video about closet organization tips ! 🙂 xx

  4. Hi Annie, loved this video, that veggie soup looked amazing! I'd like to see an autumn make up routine and also more healthy food recipes, maybe even a video on your jewellery collection showing your more dainty pieces xx

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