Epic French Toast Recipe


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  1. this is sooooooo unbelievable!  I am going to try it but you should 
    try ricotta with orange blossom honey and walnuts by itself as a quick dessert
    i love it without the cream cheese

  2. you crack me up!! I'm thinking of substituting the apples for blueberries.Are there any other candied fruits or root veggies that would increase the flavor profile of the berries?

  3. Looks amazing!

    Just remember — don't throw any food in your Seattle garbage (if that doesn't make sense now, it will in July, when the new Seattle garbage inspectors give you a fine). Seriously.  Not a joke.  Actual "garbage inspectors."

  4. have to say your recipes do look good and "test" good, as I have tried a few. But I have never seen anyone crack the eggs on the inside of the bowl….Thanx for your efforts !

  5. Oooh! I am sure I read something last year about how some foods that come with loads of cinnamon aren't allowed into the EU, because in high concentrations cinnamon damages the liver. EEK! Ah, screw it, it tastes too good to worry.

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