Egusi Soup Recipe | Ivonne Ajayi


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  1. I'm here because I met a Nigerian guy and I'm interested about his food, I'm Latin American I'm not really sure is this a good mix and he's there and I'm in USA but still I'll will give it a try….

  2. This is one of the reasons l think nigeria is the mother/birth place of humanity.Forget the lies the world has told's only in nigeria/west africa where you can get this sort of meticulous cooking that makes the universe smile.Not these fast food,add anything together kind of way.But a purposeful,earth shaking,ingredient feastal that pleases the human soul.I wont even attempt to try this dear,it's way beyong my cooking knowhow.l love,love it and l thank you.

  3. hello thank you for your great videos. please what exact "stock cube" are you using? (the knorr chicken stock cube? or the beef cube?) I am trying to find a stock cube without MSG. in the US, the Knorr cubes have added MSG, which gives me a headache. thanks again for a great video.

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