Eggless Nutella & Strawberry Crepes | French Sweet Recipe By Ruchi Bharani


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  1. Just made this (minus the feta, instead I added a little bit of salt to the crepe itself (1/2 teaspoon)) and it turned out delicious! Easy to make and didn’t take too long to cook either! Thank you.

  2. I see one of ur comment 9hrs ago.. N it's been a day u didn't revert back..
    Really disappointing … I was really keen on serving dis on my very special day..
    Sad u guys dnt pay any heed to ur subscribers ..

  3. Hey ruchi…
    I can't wait to watch ur videos.. Super work …love ur techniques and videos..😘😍
    I am planning to make dis for my first wedding anniversary .. Hope I succeed☺️
    I hv never tried crepes.. How is it served? Cold, hot or room temperature? As I am quite busy .. Is it fine if I prepare it in the mrng.. N serve at midnight?
    Plz do reply.. It wld b of great help..

  4. An eggless crepe? Brilliant. I've stayed in France and I've never seen anyone making crepe without an egg. You should changed the name of the video to Eggless Crepe. I am sure that might garner you more views.

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