Eggless French Macarons Video Recipe by Bhavna | Vegan French Macarons Recipe


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  1. girl, that is not the way to make french macaroons… the top of the shells should be plump, but smooth… yours is lumpy and cracked which meant that you didn't let the mixture dry for 20 minutes-1 hour.

  2. It's only been 15-20min and the top is dry enough to feel the shell is cracking up. I really want this to work but not sure is something is wrong since the timings in the video does not match what I'm seeing. Please help. Sorry for multiple comments.

  3. You can use all natural colors…beet root powder or juice for pink, wheatgrass powder or juice for green and turmeric extract or powder for yellow. Nice recipe…thanks. Do you like this more than aguafaba?

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