Egg Free French Macarons Aquafaba Video Recipe | Make it Vegan Easily


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  1. I made loads of classical French macarons – had many parisian class & ate a lot in my youth. my recipe is slightly different which makes it less foamy than yours. But i have to admit I enjoyed your video and I definitely want to try a vegan version. For the butter cream I use margarine as I live in a sunny country now. But why do you use aquafaba in one hand & butter on the other hand ? Might as well do it totally vegan or not at all … thanks a lot again for you video.

  2. I think you are a little bit confused because at 0:11 you said Macarons and at 7:217:25 you said Macaroon. Macaron and Macaroon are not the same .Macaron is a french sweet meringue based confection made of egg whites,icing sugar,granulated sugar and almond powder whereas Macaroon is a moist and dense confection made of egg whites,sugar and dried (dessicated) coconut . When you took a bite of the egg free French Macaron at 8:418:44 it seemed like it was way too hard for a French Macaron 🙁 the sound remind me of an oreo cookie . I appreciate that you made a lot of attempts to make this egg free french macarons but the macaron mixture was too thick and that's what i guessed caused the french macaron to turned heavy and dense because Macarons are extremely delicate cookies with a crunchy exterior and weightless interior. They have a nougat-like, chewy texture in your mouth.

  3. The butter and gel food coloring aren't vegan, unless you've found a vegan gel food coloring. Therefore, you really shouldn't call it vegan.

    If you really want it vegan, use a vegan butter and actual gelled fruit (fruit and agar) to get a more natural, and actually vegan, color.

  4. Question on the cooking process….you say to cool for up to 30 min, then to leave for an additional 15 min with leaving the door closed, what you don't mention is, do you turn the over off? Or is the oven still on during this second 15 min? I am confused. And again, the second set of 15 min, you have to open the door slightly, but do not mention if the over is on or off. Can you clarify please? Thank you.

  5. Hi bhavna , I tried the macarons, but with exact half of the quantities mentioned cause I was trying for the first time . But then the dough was too hard to be piped from a bag , so I added more aquafaba (beaten).the dough once piped out still and granule like texture and even after leaving for drying for 3 hours . And after baking it , they blew up well but after leaving it in the oven post baking ,they fell flat and then the bottom was still sticky . Was it because of the almond flour not being to fine or the aquafaba not being too cold ? Help needed !! Thank u so much in advance 😁

  6. your directions are incorrect. You combine almond flour with powdered sugar & aquafaba with granulated sugar – NOT the other way around. That is why your macarons looked foamy while they were resting in your video. Also, it looked like you were using Great Value butter – which is from Walmart and they are not vegan friendly. Lastly, your Baking Tips looks exactly like Crazy Vegan Kitchen's.

  7. Hello Bahvna! Thanks for the receipe, its awesome! The only thing, as I am Vegan I dont use any kind of sub animal products and butter is, how could I possibly replace the Butter?
    Cheers 🙂

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