Effortless Midweek Pork Medallions & Apricot Cassoulet Recipe


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  1. This dish is really inspirational. Would love to try this. My hubby suffers gout sometimes, so is there another vegetable that I can replace the beans with? Hoping for your advice. Thanks and love your vids! 🙂

  2. Awesome. Made this today, and it was easy as you made it look. Had to switch out nectarines for the apricots as the shop didn't have apricots, and also deglazed with a tangerine IPA. Love your guys' channel.

  3. When Ben started with 'and although we've done enough for two-' I was ready to hear Jamie say he was gonna eat it all by himself anyway.
    that's what I would've done X'D

  4. This feels like, an ad or something? All the interactions are like, "Deglazing whaaaaats thaaaaaat?" I kinda wonder if this is them demonstrating how they can be good and commercially

  5. Made this tonight with some alterations and it was a huge hit with the boyfriend. Subbed green beans for the spinach (not a fan) and normal white beans for the butterbeans. Took the 'pear' suggestion from Ben to sub the apricots as well, that was great 🙂

  6. "You're cheffin' all over the place!" literary 15 seconds later " you can see how it all just 'mleau' (pronunciation?? XD) back, technical word for wilted" xD yeah Ben, you do you xD

  7. Hey guys x love the recipe but do pork medallions cost a lot? I recently started university, could you do some cheap, quick and easy meals for students? One problem I find when cooking is the portion size x I always make too much for one meal! Could you guys help? Love the vids =) Thank you!

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  9. I just got an idea. What if you make a battle in which James and Ben ‘supervise’ the boys where they cook a somewhat complicated meal? You can make pairings like James & Barry and Ben & Jamie or whatever. That’ll be fun to watch!

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