Eating Japanese food for a day


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  1. Outstanding video footage! Here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to notice this type of contents. We create Travel & Food shows as well, world-wide, and also we are constantly searching for inspirations as well as ideas. Thank You.

  2. GRACE! I absolutely need to know how you make the handwrighting effect on your videos! I actually need it for an exam and I'm crap at editing and don't know what to do. Please send help.

  3. It would be so fun If you could do a day of eating swedish food .
    I can send you a email on what stuff we eat here and how to prepare them !
    Thats if youre interested 💗

  4. It's good you cook Japanese breakfast for your health.
    But if you wanna cook rice in a good way , you need to buy Japanese rice.
    The rice you are cooking on this video is "Indica rice" which is long and thin.
    Japanese rice is called "Japonica rice"which is short,more round, juicy,sticky
    and softer than Indica rice.
    The type and the taste of the both rice is different a lot.
    Also you need soft water to cook Japanese rice.
    Most of water in Europe is hard water, isn't it?
    The water is very important to cook Japanese rice.
    Good luck! 👍

  5. i went on exchange to japan this summer and i had this type of breakfast but many days we had onigiri with different things like fried ham, sausage, corn soup, and sometimes microwaveable “pizza” things, bread, (creamy)pudding/yogurt etc! my host mom made me lunch as well, i had a bento box every day at school it’s usually what is leftover from dinner the night before. for dinner i remember having curry, takoyaki, tonkatsu, instant udon, sunomono, chicken karrage, and one day we bought dinner bento from a little shop. their bread is the best, it’s often the texture of their jiggly cheesecake! for desert sometimes we had like chocolate milk, coffee, strawberry milk etc and cream pudding (i’m from texas, usa!). basically my host mom woke up before all of us every day to have breakfast ready when we woke up at 6 am and also bento etc and she stayed home to make dinner for when we got home at 6 or 7 pm. but this is just my experience in takayama japan 🙂

  6. Aw I loved this and all the effort you’ve put into this video, cause I’m Japanese 🙂

    Tho to answer your questions we always have rice and miso soup for breakfast but personally we don’t have both the egg and fish in one breakfast, and we don’t have salmon we have a lighter smaller fish. And we have sticky rice not normal rice ❤️

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