Eating For Longevity: Health Boosting Staples of The Italian Diet


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  1. Your diet seems excellent.
    What is you recomendation for consuming foods that grow above the ground , exposed to the sprays from the chem trails and exposure to nano contamination?

  2. I enjoyed all your videos!! Like to watch and hear you talking about it. Constructive videos snd learn a lot from them. Thank you Dr. Gundry. PS. We live in Naples, Italy for 3 years (my husband was stationed there) enjoy their food not only pizza and pasta like you said but other healthy things too. Beautiful place and people.😊

  3. Dr. Gundry,
    My maternal grandparents came from Italy and we never had pizza! We had plenty of chicken and rabbit and egg dishes along with large green salads with oil (olive, of course) and vinegar and just a little parmesno to taste. Thanks for this video.

  4. Gracias a lot Dr. Gundry for this interesting video that definitively share key point for a better and healthy life. I will keep it in when making my food choices daily. En hora Buena, Alberto (Northern Canada)

  5. At 76th year on the planet, my health is not suffering and all the items on your video are a natural portion of my shopping list. Love your Green Smoothie! Am reviewing your book for a second time. Refuse to eliminate my beer at the baseball, basketball and hockey games though 🙂 . Does that mean I won't make it to 250?

  6. The good thing is that I was raised eating these very good things! Mostly raised in the garden by my mother. I'm now 68 and Dad lived to be 91 and Mom 92, both very active up until the last couple of years. I highly recommend your eating system!

  7. Hello Dr. Gundry. Thank you for another helpful video. Your book was recommended to me by Dr. Dale Bredeson, ( I am his barber ). Reading your book has completely changed how I think about food and I have been following your protocol for a week now. What a difference! Mood is greatly improved, arthritis pain almost gone, sleeping better, bouncing through the day. I'm not even hungry anymore, which has been a lifelong struggle for me. If I feel this much better after only a week, I can only imagine the future! At 62 I had given up on my health, now I feel bright and happy and hopeful for the future. Thank you for changing my life.

  8. Most of these foods are a staple in my pantry. I'll be adding hazelnuts and sardines on the next trip to the grocery store, to give some variety. Your "Diet Evolution" book has been eye opening, explaining why I stalled out on the Paleo diet. I've been following your plan for a week and see a break in my plateau, losing almost 1/2 pound per day in the teardown phase. Thank you.

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