Eating a Mountain of Crispy Japanese Fried Chicken


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  1. To be able to eat like Aya does you need to build yourself up to be used to eating more. It's like when you diet and your appetite shrinks, but in reverse. Also I saw that Yuka Kinoshita's stomach increases exponentially in size and pushes her other organs out the way. I assume it's the same for Aya. However, she must be being sick or exercising heavily to not gain weight. She might have a naturally fast metabolism but without starving yourself inbetween, purging, or extreme exercise, there is no way to not gain weight. She's too tiny to not do one of those things

  2. We are a small travel channel and LOVE your channel. It gives us so much inspiration to keep going with growing our channel! Keep up the great work! Heading over to Japan in April – can't wait!

  3. Honestly, the secret to her success is probably training. Lots of professional eaters work their stomachs up to the stretching needed to accommodate all that food. The cups of liquid are to help her more easily chew and swallow when needed. And she wore loose fitting clothes for comfort as well as to have nothing restrictive around her waist.
    Most professional eaters also fast going into or following a competition due to the sheer volume of calories they will need to take in.

  4. I reckon she's got a civilisation of tiny people living inside her stomach who are dependent on her as their lord and saviour. They 100% rely on her for sustenance so when she does her eating challenges they eat everything and only a small proportion of it actually goes to the rest of her digestive system….

  5. Food wise, it is because her intestines are very elastic. BTW if you drink a pint of full fat milk after the days ride the mucles will recuperated faster. The army taught me that but it was not proven fact until a few years ago. Several rugby teams did an experiment with milk verses off the shelf energy drinks and milk was twice as effective.

  6. I may be late to the comment party. But her secret is just like she said. Some people have a naturally large stomach. I have one as well. But it doesn't pair well with my ulcerative colitis (basically a constantly inflamed bowelI). I am able to eat about 7 kg of stuff before I feel fed up. But boy, I will regret that later on.

  7. You're stomach expands progressively when you fill it more. Keep doing that and it will enlarge as much as the of the little lady. You're satiety is also greatly triggered by stomach stretch, that's why she isn't sick eating so much.
    Still soo crazy though!

  8. Good to see you're coming along and doing interesting things along the way. For reasons I cannot explain, I have a long-standing crush on Kinoshita Yuka, and it was a pleasure to see her in action in the background. Some doctors actually studied her, and her stomach actually stretches out across her abdomen, but of course that's only one consideration: the physiological considerations after she's stuffed that big ballooon with all that chicken (or McDonald's hamburgers or hot dogs or donuts or home-uh-rice-uh (?) or whatever) is beyond my ken. Seeing her in a video scaled to your average size, she's even more petite than I realized, so obviously all that food doesn't make her fat. Me, if I chew a piece of gum, I gain ten pounds.

  9. All the unrealistic "small girls filled with big….uh…stuff" made by Japanese people in their Hentai Anime gave them the superpower to actually stuff a lot of stuff in a small body.

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