Eat With Me: Raw Egg On Rice (Japanese Recipe)


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  1. The rice needs to be really hot out of the cooker, then straight away crack the egg in and add your seasoning. I would add bonito flakes and Chili powder to taste.

  2. Dearest Xiao,
    I am so glad that you don't want your cinnamon roll (because I will eat it), but we will have an extra helping of scrambled eggs (and probably sausage) for you. ❤ Tabasco and ketchup await you!!! See you Sunday at 8am in Oregon. 😋

  3. I add the rice in last. This is how my mom made it for us:
    break one or two eggs into a bowl, add approximately 2 tsp of soy sauce. Beat. Add reheated day old rice (make sure its piping hot) and stir until even texture. Eat.

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