Eat THIS and Lose Weight Fast! Peel a Pound Cabbage Soup Recipe : Northern Soul


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  1. 🔸️Hi Northern Soul,
    I just so happened to be looking for this cabbage soup recipe and came across your video and wanted to say that I truly enjoyed everything about it..the fact that you learn a new recipe and also have a little laughter added also was a welcomed surprise in a time when everyone is under quarantine and feeling stressed out.. and..just feeling..
    Kind of ..B L A H..🤪 Helped me forget about it for a little while..So THANK YOU FOR THAT.. It was really cool .. & .. Helpful ..🙂..Very Enjoyable..
    And let me say to the ones that are complaining about the cussing .. Well there is an alternative..
    DON'T WATCH ..
    Props to you Northern Soul.. You gained a fan for sure .. ✌

  2. I loved the show Wok with Yan. I often use one of his sayings regarding preparing food for additional guests….. "more people, more horizontal cuts"

  3. To "bust" a pepper, use your thumb to push the stem into the pepper, then pull the stem out. Most of the seeds will come with it. Then smack the open end of the pepper down on the cutting board to knock out any stray seeds. Then stick your thumbs into the hole and tear the pepper into two halves. Voila

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