Easy Veggie Dal Stew | Healthy Vegan Dinner Recipe


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  1. This looks very delicious and I will for sure give it a try but I'm confused as to why you called it lentils but used split peas, they are from the same family but definitely different!

  2. Hi
    Am from India and we call this kind of preparation as Dal. Nothing wrong in making it this way.
    But if you have a pressure cooker u need not wait for so long.
    U just put everything in it in one go and leave it for 3 pressure whistles and there u go. Effortless yummy Dal.

  3. Such a amazing recipe…being a Indian I love to see u making Indian….try some more recipes u will love then…
    love u lots of love from India ❀️️❀️️❀️️❀️️❀️️

  4. This stew is a staple in our Indian diet..in all seasons πŸ™‚
    I don't cook ingredients in this order though..usually we cook/boil the daal/lentils first and then temper with cooked veggies..the aroma when you do that is just amazing πŸ™‚
    We call this split lentil Chane ki daal here in India!

  5. I always love what your wearing. What are your favorite stores to shop? (I love the boots you were wearing in a video a couple weeks ago…evening routine video I think?)

  6. Split yellow peas are not lentils, but it still looks as good recipe. I make something similar with lentils, but with much less spices and without the bell pepper or any other pepper since I donΒ΄t like that vegetable. I sometimes ad corn too. And it goes well with millet.

  7. This looks delicious but split peas are not the same as lentils. I was very confused when you called it lentil stew but didn't add lentils. It still looks good though and I'm going to give it a try.

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