EASY VEGAN WINTER DRINKS | 3 healthy recipes


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  1. I myself am vegan and I love your videos. I would like to point out that u need to be careful with types of candies u eat, because they use bugs to color some of them. it's easy to spot, they call it Red 40.

  2. Awesome channel!!! Super motivational )
    Yumm.. now I am hungry!!! Thanks for sharing this deliciousness!!!!

    I just recently started my YouTube channel)))
    I will be super happy if will find time to check it out! Thanks for the support!!!!!

  3. The struggle when you really want to try these but your fridge and cabinets are so bare, your parents are out, and you dont live by any grocery stores

  4. So I really don't have that much money but I want to try some of these, do you know any alternatives I can use that are still good but not so expensive? I'm trying to be healthier but most my money goes to my daughter…

  5. After watching your video, I made a peppermint hot chocolate right away because I had all the ingredients. It is soo delicious!!😍 I will be trying the five spice chai latte as well!!
    Love your videos!!

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