Easy Vegan Tofu Recipes That Don’t Suck


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  1. Made your buffalo tofu hemp ranch salad, and it was delicious! I have to say, I've made quite a few of your recipes lately, and you're the only blogger thus far whose food has not disappointed! Thank you for sharing and for your work in putting together this compassionate deliciousness for us! ❤️

  2. First time making tofu and this was delish! I've been craving the buffalo tofu, so I made it last night by using the freezing method. You should have said how addictive they would be. 😉 Thanks for this easy recipe!

  3. That orange tofu looked great but I can't eat it because I found out recently I am allergic to oranges which sucks cause I loved orange juice and oranges but it mAkes me sick so my mom didn't buy any thing with oranges anymore

  4. Loved the freezing hack, have never heard that one but will be trying! Strange question, where did you get your necklace? I swear you’re the 3rd it 4th person I’ve seen with that very one and I love it. Thanks and love your channel.

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