Easy Vegan Recipe | Jalapeño Poppers


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  1. These "cheese shreds" are no cheese at all, that's just chemical shit! Normal people without this "vegan" mental disease use fresh cream cheese, made of milk from cows.

  2. Vegan Gourmet shredded cheese is NOT vegan! I was looking at the label and it says they use Calcium Phosphate and that is derived from animal bones. Our bones and even our DNA is made up of Phosphate. However alot of articles out there say that they only use mineral derived phosphate in food and the animal based one in animal feed. Either way, I don't trust companies with my food at all. For the longest I had no idea that all cheese products snuck in pig pancreas or cow pancreas for their enzymes. To be safe I use Daiya cheese or make my own. Also watch out on every Soy milk container except Rice Dream, not in the cold/enriched version, has Tricalcium phospate in it as well. They don't want us to get away from the consumption of animals so you really have to watch it.

  3. Looks awesome. I'm a fan of Daiya's pepperjack cheese but have never had the Follow Your Heart shreds. Now I'm on a mission to find it!

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