EASY VEGAN NO BAKE DESSERTS | 3 healthy recipes


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  1. The desserts look great. However, I looked at Thrive Market and maybe the prices are better than New York prices, but I am a pretty savvy shopper and I live in Colorado and I feel like I can get the same type of stuff for the same price or cheaper at my local grocery store.

  2. I LOVE every single video that you make! I also love the way that you present the ingredients & steps to do the recipes! Keep doing more videos like this. I wish that many more people join your channel!

  3. Those desserts looks so amazing. The cheesecake and the banana bites look awesome. Can you do your favorite three versions of healthy ice cream. Ice cream is my biggest craving and weakness. I've tried making the two ingredient banana ice cream but it taste too much like banana. I want a more creative healthy "nicecream."

  4. Wow I really love this video I recently made my own YouTube channel doing daily Vlogs of me going vegan. Please watch And subscribe because I need all the tips, support, and guidance I can get as no one in my household or in my Social Circle is supportive of this life change that I'm trying to make please like And subscribe I would greatly appreciate it

  5. I absolutely love your You Tube Channel and your recipes.
    I am a long time gluten free baker and am always searching the internet for new info.
    You are spot on with your recipes! What a fresh, nice, practical approach to your videos, I love them.
    I have now learned to add Medjool dates to my list of gluten free crusts.

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