Easy Vegan French Toast Recipe | Vegan Valentine’s Day Food


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  1. Great Recipe! The only thing I did differently was use flax meal and water as a substitute for nutritional yeast (because I didn't have any nutritional yeast) and I added maple syrup to my batter for added crust….DELICIOUS

  2. Even though I still eat eggs, I may try this. My non-vegan french toast always falls apart even though I only dip it in for 2 seconds at most. I may do a side by side comparison and see if its the toast, or my skills lol 😂. Looks tasty.

  3. I have been CRAVING french toast and I said if anyone is going to have an easy da bomb recipe it would be Veggierose and you didn't disappoint!! Making these for breakfast tomorrow ! Thanks for making it so easy for newbys like myself who want to enjoy their fav foods without it being too complex!

  4. Ah I love this. Last time I made French toast I used a banana and hated it 😂!! I'm like if I wanted banana bread I would have made that duhhh 😂. So I wonder if using a pinch of black salt in this would bring out that eggy flavor 🤔

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