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  1. Can you substitute the flax egg with perhaps apple sauce or something like that? That isn't chia. Flax seeds are not sold anymore in my country to the general public since they are considered too poisonous.

  2. We love this! We have subscribed and we would love it if you would do the same. We are looking forward to your next videos and we hope you are having a marvellous day! Lots of love, Amie&Amy xo.💘

  3. omg.. watching this in the morning and I'm going to be craving these all morning! would love for you to check out my beauty channel! unfortunately we don't use vegan products but i would love to give them a try one day! i subscribed so i can keep with your videos and hope you subscribe back!

  4. I've recently become vegetarian and i've been looking for vegan recipes to see if I could possibly switch to veganism and this dessert recipe is certainly delicious! Thank you <3

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