Easy THANKSGIVING DINNER Recipes // How to COOK Thanksgiving Dinner


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  1. Good idea on the egg wash at the bottom of the pie crust. Next time, poke holes in your pie crust all over with a fork before you bake. It won't puff up so much. Better yet, put down a piece of parchment and lay some dry beans or pie weights on it to guarantee no puffage. Sorry if someone already told you this.

  2. Witam serdecznie, bardzo podobają mi się twoje filmiki, jestem mamą czwórki dzieci i wiecznie jest dużo pracy,ale właśnie dzięki Tobie organizuje sobie plan , gdzie mogę się uporać z tym wszystkim, pozdrawiam 😘

  3. i'm not a man so i find it a little strange being so close to another woman's face … + i'm not gay so maybe you could move the camera back about 4 feet!! thanks!! : )

  4. Just reduce the amount of orange juice or juice 1 orange and use a little bit of the zest. You’ll be good to go for next time. 😉
    It all looked so yummy 😋

  5. I wonder what will happen if there’s no canned food 🥫 and had to make every Lil thing it will be more authentic and uses of organic stuff fresh n healthy isn’t it 😅?

  6. The only must for us you didn’t make are mashed potatoes and it looks like you have gravy but have a lot of great juices to make your own. Perhaps you have canned gravy, don’t know how that tastes, maybe it’s good.

  7. Hay Jana .. Happy Thanksgiving💖 all things looks yummy and delicious and I'm happy you finally make voice over😊 thanks😍😍😍 for motiviton Jasmine🌹🌹

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