Easy Tasty SOUP RECIPE Leek Onion Potato How to Cook


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  1. Like your suggestion I made this soup as a starter for my daughter's second birthday party yesterday…20th Jan 2018. It came out really really superb and everybody (16 people!) loved it!

    Forgot to mention that this was the second time I have made it as a soup for party!


  2. Thank you, I made it now , it's been long time I see leeks at the grocery store in Canada, but I was not sure how to use it! Is it like the one in Iraq! ? The one in Iraq I eat it raw with my food, this looks deferent, thanks again, I am waiting to cook and serve myself 🙏🌹God Bless

  3. The winter depression has set in, and this is exactly the comfort food I need right now. Soups, stews, one pot meals, etc. Looks – as always – really good. Might try it this very weekend. Thank you.

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