Easy Sunday lunch for the family – Gordon Ramsay


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  1. I don't think any of them are lazy they either nurses or fireman both well respected hard jobs. It's difficult for all when working full time and with a young family I always did the cooking in my house and still do a 3 course Xmas dinner for my x wife and daughter. Sometimes though you just need someone to show you the basics and get you motivated good on then for having a go !

  2. This mans mouth is pure filth. Who does he think he is going into their home spewing such filth all over the place with his mouth. These ladies have children, who can't even watch the episode because this beast doesnt' know how to be human.

  3. I usually love Gordon's coarse sense of humor and no-bullshit attitude, but this time I think he was being a bit too harsh on the ladies. When he was going through their freezer, I felt like he was in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. You could see their smiles visibly fade away.

    Gordon. I know you want everyone to cook to the best of their ability, but give them a break. Their house isn't a restaurant and they aren't claiming to be chefs. No need to make comments like "You're going to fucking poison someone. The chicken is raw. What a fucking nightmare." Walk them through the steps. They know they suck at cooking. That's why you're there.

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  5. The fuck kinda shit is this? All he did was show them what they could do if they had more time. There was a reason why there used the fast easy shit… Just because you showed them how to do 20 minutes of prep work and 20 minutes cooking doesn't change that they will still go for the 15 minutes easy option as soon as you leave. Why not actually teach them something instead of purposefully making something just for the camera. 

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