EASY SUMMER DINNER RECIPES ‣‣ vegan & gluten-free


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  1. Hi, like Your channel & You <3 Have had lots of inspiration from these videos. In this one there was one thing that seemed really weird to me. Don't want to be rude or insult in any way, just wandering why You're using that cooking spray (or whatever it was called)? To me those products seem like very unecological and also not a part of an healthy lifestyle (compared to using some really good quality organic oil from a dark glass bottle). Anyways hope you all the love and blessings!

  2. i was watching an older video and you were glowing and looked great about 2 years ago, now your eyes are sunken in and you look alot older. Im starting to believe vegan diets arent as healthy as people think. Its not just you though theres other vegans on youtube with the same symptoms!

  3. I am now ravenous ..Crazy ? but with the mushrooms do you wipe or wash ,,So many mixed views on this but basically I trust your opinion ….These are great …👍♥️

  4. Yes there both look absolutely delicious but I think I would have to give the burger a go first nothing beats a good burger 🍔 i would add some sliced 🥑to mine 🥰🥰

  5. I made the veggie burgers last night! They were so good! I sautéed them on the stove top. I noticed I had to make the patties smaller, as they became too crumbly. I’m going to freeze my remaining patties! I served them without the bun, I caramelized some onions and put some vegan bbq sauce on top. I served it with an arugula salad with watermelon and toasted walnuts 🙂

  6. They both look delicious 🤤
    Tempeh has been tricky for me. I’ve yet to find a recipe that it tastes good in. I’m wondering if I haven’t been preparing it the right way…
    Can’t wait to try both recipes! Thanks for sharing!

  7. oh my gosh now I finally know who you remind me of! It's Shiri Appleby! What a resemblence. Even your voice, I think. I wish you all the best, I think you're amazing! 🙂

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